Tuesday, July 1, 2008

*Start Your Own Blog

The use of [Image] There are so many sites you could explore if you're considering starting your own blog. Below, I have listed a few from which to choose. Each one has instructional pages to support you with setting up your first blog, and most of these are free for you to use.

Personally, I have used blogger.com for several years now and found them to be excellent and very user friendly. I also have a personal preference for them because they are owned by Google.

If you have a site at adsonvids.com.au then I'd recommend setting up a blog, to enable a back-link to your business.

Do you have any specific questions about blogging that you'd like me to answer, or you have your own ideas and tips for other visitors to this blog? Then please leave a comment by clicking on the 'Comments' link below and I'll post a response, or post your information, if it is something that we would all appreciate knowing about.

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